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Ok, initial things first: are you able to wear makeup with lash extensions? Yes, absolutely. whereas it’s not strictly necessary, applying eyelash extension mascara will accomplish many things:

Why Wear Mascara With Lash Extensions?

1.) Mascara will darken and add impact to the lower lashes, and make both upper and lower lashes appear balanced and uniform.
2.) If your natural lashes are brown and you choose extensions to match them, you may want a mascara to deepen the colour of your lashes and extensions together.
3.) Volume, baby! While synthetic extensions area unit is thicker than your natural flutter, silk and particularly mink extensions, taper at the ends very like human eyelashes. Mascara can add that drama.
4.) As your mascara eye lashes extensions reach the end of their life and begin to shed along with the natural eyelashes they’re attached to, you can fill in the gaps with mascara.

How Oil-Free Mascara Is Best For Lash Extensions

Want to flaunt your eyelash extensions for as long as possible? Steer further from all oil-based makeup and mascaras. Seriously. Oil-free Mascara and makeup is that the solely safe selection once you wear lash extensions.

Oil-based eyeliners and mascaras weaken the bonding agents holding your extensions in place, causing one of two potential outcomes:

First, the glue on some of your flares loosens and re-dries, which makes a few of your lashes stick together.

Second, the oils dissolve the glue all together and your eyelash extensions fall out. Sound like a pretty scenario either way? I didn’t think so.

You also need to avoid mascara with glycol and carbonate, as ingredients mess with the glue on your extensions, too. Protecting the adhesive bond between your falsies and a lash line is the most important key to extending their life, and water-based makeup is that the gentlest product for delicate lash extensions.

How to Get Best Eyelash Extension Mascara Online?

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Mascara You Can Use With Extensions

The best mascara is intended with eyelash extensions in mind. Beauty GlamzLife oil-free mascara was created specifically for use with lash extensions. It’s safe mascara for all falsies. Whether you’re carrying synthetic, silk or mink pretend lashes, your mascara ought to glide smoothly across their surface – sleek and unflawed as you please. Extension-friendly mascara ought to have some water-resistance, however, come back off simply at the end of the day, trouble-free.

Do you have sensitive eyes? GlamzLife beauty oil-free mascara is not only gentle on your extensions, but it’s also safe for your eyes, too. Our mascara is hypoallergenic, and it contains no parabens, glycol or carbonate. We tested our mascara on real individuals, therefore it’s cruelty-free.

Beyond that, you would like a formulation that’s neither too thick nor too dry. Mascara that’s too thick will create tension on the lashes as you’re running the brush through them. You don’t need something to tug or pull on your eyelash extension. Thick mascara can also cause tangling or clumping. Lumpy lashes are not a good look.

Which Type Of Mascara Should I Avoid?

Waterproof Mascara

Don’t even think about waterproof mascara. It’s kryptonite for your falsies. The ingredients in waterproof mascara are designed for max staying power, and whereas this may generally be nice for your own lashes, it will make your lash extensions brittle. Removing waterproof mascara needs some pressure – and oil-based makeup remover – two things that couldn’t be worse for your extensions. Rubbing around your eyes will realize flares, and probably your lashes with them! What’s additional, the eye-makeup remover also will start the glue holding your extensions in place. Bye-bye, beautiful investment.

Tube Mascara

Another complete no-no is tube mascara. True, it requires just water to remove, and with natural lashes, it can be peeled right off in tubes. On your expensive eyelash extension & mascara, though, it sticks like cement.

Fiber Mascaras

Lastly, fiber mascaras aren’t nice for your extensions, either. Like waterproof and tube mascaras, it’s difficult to remove, which isn't ideal for eyelash extensions. With fiber mascaras, the goal is to make the design of extensions by adding little fibers to dramatically lengthen your natural lashes. Who needs that when you already have falsies?

What To See For In A Mascara Brush?

Don’t forget the Mascara brush. The Makeup brush kit is equally as necessary as the mascara itself. It’s crucial that your make-up brush doesn't grip your lashes too tightly, inflicting it to tug at the bond on the lash extensions.

Oil-free mascara is formulated to go on smoothly, and it won’t cause any tension on your delicate flutter. It’s the safest mascara to use for anyone with your lash extensions. The brush is designed to create maximum volume while protecting the adhesive bond between your lash and extensions. Because that’s what it’s ultimately about, right? Protecting your investment, and volume.

Want to guarantee even more volume? Prime your lashes first. Oil-free priming sealant adds length and volume to your lashes before you even apply mascara. Our priming sealant locks out bacteria and seals any gaps. It sets the stage for the mascara to work its magic.


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